Bad hair day

A bad day at work (another story) ended in tears today. I know I shouldn't, and I suppose I will make reanbean feel awkward. But that's me, and this is my bad hair day.

I came home, found a note in my mailbox saying there were some yarn waiting for me at the post office. I thought it was the yarn I had ordered through eBay, and thinking it would cheer me up I went to get it. So, I did not think much about the size of the box (I have ordered a lot *blushing*); it was huge.

But looking inside the box over dinner making, finding a lot of Palette, I got confused, and it was first when I saw the letter from my swap partner at Ravelry I just started to cry. Of course because I was happy about it, but also because it was so unsuspected, such a big gift to get on a Thursday! On a very bad day in all other respect.
Not only yarn, but needles from Knit Picks, chocolate and a pattern for Latvian mittens. My DH was equally surprised finding me in tears with chocolate!

Thank you reanbean, I hope someone will make your day too! And - there will be mittens :D

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  1. What a gift..!! People are just so nice. Lucky you!

  2. You WILL bring it to S'n'B so we can all fondle it! Right? Friends are the best, surprices are lovely.

    Lucky you!

  3. what a great prezzie!! I am hoping to "surprise" you when I finally get back to the US (and can mail something) with some Palette in black, which I know you always run out of. You have been our mitten guru, and we love to look at your work.

  4. "Dager fins i alle farger,
    også grå. Den som venter, han skal få!"

    -sitat fra Knudsen og Ludvigsen

    For en overraskelse på en kjip dag!

  5. Anonym16.5.08

    Just when we need it God brings a blessing. How wonderful! I look forward to some of your great mittnes.

  6. Anonym16.5.08

    Ingenting er som litt garn når man trenger en oppmuntring :-)

  7. oooh, herlig pakke! Har noen sprengt budsjettet, eller var den en swap uten "regler"? kniiis :)

    Ha en fin helg :)


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