Hi' Five

Not easy, not easy at all! If you take a look at my RSS-list on blog's I read regularly you'll understand that it will not be easy to pick 5. So why do I do it? Well, first of all, I was chosen, and BenteB deserves that I actually work a little, too. Second, some people deserve the spotlight, and why not these? And the third reason: I really, really enjoy these blogs, and if I can make others see they are really good, they deserve it!

And if I have not chosen you bear with me - maybe you were too close to home, maybe you haven't updated in some time, or that you actually were to obvious (like Bea, Hilde, BenteB again, Irenesol, Erica, Eli, ...)

Supernøtt makes my day every time she write a post in her blog, and always when she comments my posts. I even read her witty comments in other people's blogs - how many others can you say that about? Supernøtt has a twin soul, Bag Lady (actually I think these two are the same but she has never answered me about that), but she writes too seldom to be counted here, I am sorry to say.
I enjoy Supernøtt's different projects of course, but I love her use of language, she's a poet.

Merete is another well founded choice. This post sums it all up: She was making a sweater for a child of 1 year old and it ended up fitting her ... And she posts about it, say no more =D
I like her pictures, her language and humour, and even if she mostly makes things for people smaller than me (= children) I feel I learn something from her, always.

I'm a sucker for good photos, and all the blogs I have chosen have wonderful pictures. HanneJ is another of these people who understand the importance of tantalizing, appetizing pictures, like this. And that I can say without the least interest in buttons.
But on the other hand, one word sums it up - Nikon =D

When I first started to blog I went looking at others, that's how things works, right? And Cosmpolitanpurls was one blog I dived into and learned from and got inspiration from and just had a great time at. She has got a little boy in the meantime and don't post that often any more, but when she posts it is quality and interesting - as always.

Last but not least, Be*mused, my partner in crime (= mitten knitting); the one who inspires me, quarrels with me (can you believe, this lady actually loves to knit mittens with Finull!), and gives tons and tons of herself.
Well, one can argue that has nothing to do with creating a good blog, but when I am interested enough about reading about a life in another place she must have the gift of a great bloger. Be*mused is personal without being private, I would like to learn that too.

So she said ...

I hope the five of you find time and pleasure in picking your high five ... ?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oj, tusen takk! Nå ble jeg skikkelig smigret :D

  2. Tusen takk for det! :-D Kanskje Baglady og jeg er et to-hodet troll? Må stikke, sola kommer frem...

  3. Her var det mange flotte damer å besøke, - takk for at du viste meg veien dit!

  4. I am blushing! YOU are the one who inspired ME to conquer the challenge of Latvian mittens. I will be knitting them for a long time...despite my brief break from them recently. Thank you.
    I'm so happy that we *met* and became friends. Ah, the wonderful world of blogging!


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